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I would argue that now more than ever, having a grasp of digital skills, even just the basics, will put you in a better position to face today's challenges. Learning digital skills will significantly increase your chances of being employable, improving your digital literacy will help you communicate better,...
When I first heard about Domain names I thought that it sounded complicated. I thought it was a topic reserved only for IT experts and professionals for hire. I imagined it much like registering a business or getting a license plate. It's not like that at all! In fact,...
Just like many people, I wondered what kind of cost was involved. So, just as our name suggests, Build Digital Space wants to help you do exactly that. I decided to do some research on the topic to come up with a clearer answer. To understand more about why...

What Is Build Digital Space?

Build Digital Space aims to give you helpful, user-friendly information on basic digital skills. This platform will help you gain knowledge and understanding of useful digital skills for your own personal or business needs. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Let us help you build your own digital space.

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Build Digital Space is about SERVICE. We empower beginners and knowledge seekers to learn something new.

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Build Digital Space is a platform to provide knowledge for beginners and those looking to increase their digital skills and literacy.